A Clear Rear-View Works The Best

Joseph M. Monks directing 2018

Read this great post from Denise Gossett about a new film, and one from Frank Dietz I caught the other day about a Scripts Gone Wild event he did with Tiffany Shepis and a bunch of other really cool people, several of whom I’ve crossed paths with, and it reminded me how some creators are never stuck recycling the past in order for people to talk about ‘em. They’re always doing new stuff, they’re always working on new projects, my writer friends are usually releasing books or stories or popping up in an antho…things like that. Meanwhile, some folks’re just stuck in the past, desperate to bring it up because it’s all they have. Things that haven’t been mentioned in years by anyone else, so they get others to try and empty that compost heap.

Boy, that’s gotta be rough. When you’ve gotta go around shaking dead trees to find anyone who still cares, and approach those who haven’t even bothered with this in…geez, a decade? 25 years in some cases? I gotta think that means the only people they have around these days are ghosts, and if they can’t exploit the dead, the silence–even in the echo chamber–must be deafening.

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